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Axitec AXIstorage 15 kWh High Voltage

High-performance lithium-ions-energy storage for residential, e-mobility and commercial applications

- Flexible configuration: up to max 15kWh useable capacity On-grid
- Permanent charging performance of up to 30A
- Permanent discharge performance of up to 40A
- Up to 20 years of life time due an optimized cooling system
- 10 years of time value replacement warranty
- Handy sized power pack with only 22 kg weight


Datasheet Axitec High Voltage batterij

Technische Details

Afmetingen H/B/D
900 x 700 x 390 mm
Cel technologie
132 kg
Opgeslagen energie
15 kWh
300 V
Warranty Conditions
Batterij Axitec AXIstorage 15 kWh: 10 jaar garantie